7 Behaviors of High Capacity Leaders

Leadership is a mix of iron and water. One part never bends, the other part is fluid and adaptive. Effective leaders not only understand that  relationship, but also the one between their motor and their motive – that it takes a combination of energy and humility to become great at what you do.  Leadership has nothing […]

Helping Victims Break the Cycle

When it comes to helping other people flourish, we are all asked to contribute one thing to the mission, our anguish.  True community is built on this simple premise.  Whatever I’ve gone through is to help the person now going through. God loves to take my anguish and turn it into someone’s answer. Paul said […]

How to Salvage a Broken Relationship

The most important ingredient in forgiveness is speed. In other words, you need to forgive fast.  The longer a wound festers the tougher it becomes to heal.  Biblical forgiveness doesn’t have a cooling off period in which the wounded are allowed to assess the damage before declaring someone free. People often miss their chance at freedom because […]

Burnout: Why 30 Is The New 60

We live in the new era of social media leadership where younger leaders are finding it harder than ever to separate their ideas from their identity. Big ideas equal a big life. But this is precisely why they are struggling.  Too many young leaders have become obsessed with being discovered instead of investing their lives […]

Why Young Leaders Quit

For many rising leaders the modern messaging of faithfulness is code for futility. Being told that faithful reps are the fastest path to results feels manipulative. A lot of young leaders just aren’t buying it like their fathers did. The message feels too institutional, like a one-directional win for the guy in-charge and no one […]